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How to Tell If cheap Ray Bans Wayfarers Are Authentic cheap Ray Bans|Ray-Bans are high-end manufactured sunglasses. Created in 1937, the brand is well-established, and many other sunglasses producers try to mimic its signature styles including the Wayfarer. These fake sunglasses look similar to Ray-Bans, but if you look closely, you can spot distinguishing characteristics that real cheap ray ban glasses do not share.

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cheap ray ban sunglasses-Hold the pair of sunglasses in your hand for inspection. Does it seem cheaply made? True Ray-Bans are made of quality materials and won't seem flimsy.Examine the side and nose pads of the sunglasses. Real Ray-Bans have an "RB" label etched into, not painted on, the side of the frame. The nose pads also should feature an interlocking "RB" label. If the cheap Ray Bans sunglasses logo on the nose pads is not interlocking, the sunglasses are fake.

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ray ban sunglasses cheap|Look at the authenticity card. Real Ray-Bans come with one printed on card stock, and it should be free of typos and grammatical errors. The warranty card should also be free of typos and printed in dark black ink on a glossy card stock. Ray Bans for cheap|Feel the rubber on the sunglasses. It should not feel slimy, stiff or slick. Genuine rubber feels chalky, like rubber bands.Check to see if there is a bar code sticker on the box of your sunglasses. This distribution label should have the distributor's name, model number, frame number, dimension and lens type.